Our strategies to grow our Company include organic expansion of our robust offerings of software applications, proprietary technology solutions and consulting services; and growth through acquisitions, both within our existing service regions and through strategic geographic expansion. 

Key Growth Strategies

Building Trusted Business Relationships that Endure


Underpinning SilverSun's future growth is our commitment to superior customer experience.  Over the past five years, SilverSun has succeeded in retaining more than 95% of our software customers, reflecting our focus on nurturing longstanding, value-driven relationships with both our existing and new clients.  By leveraging our industry experience and expertise and by investing the time and attention necessary to learn about each of our clients' businesses, their unique challenges and their growth opportunities; we are able to provide transformative business management technology solutions that effectively meet their needs and serve to earn us their loyalty and trust. 


Pioneering Innovative New Business Management Solutions for Niche Markets


At SilverSun, we take pride in our ability to discover and identify the driving forces of change that are affecting – or will affect – businesses in a wide range of industries.  We invest valuable time and resources to fully understand how technology is transforming the business management landscape and what current or emerging innovations are deserving of a clients’ attention.  By leveraging this knowledge and foresight, our growing list of clients are empowered with the means to more effectively manage their businesses; to capitalize on real-time insight drawn from their data resources; and to materially profit from enhanced operational functionality, process flexibility and expedited process execution. 


In the event that we are unable to identify an existing third party solution or combined package of solutions that meets specific business management demands of clients in particular niche markets, we task our development team to create a solution.  Because we take the time to learn and understand the complex business intricacies of this industry and customized effective solutions capable of supporting their business systems and processes, we have fast grown to be the definitive business management solutions provider to the craft brewing and distribution market place.


Growth Through Acquisitions


Central to our growth strategy is our acquisition of application resellers and software publishers of unique and proprietary solutions in the extensive and expanding, but highly fragmented, business solutions marketplace. Investing in the acquisition of other companies and proprietary business management solutions has also been an important growth strategy for SilverSun, allowing us to rapidly offer new products and services, expand into new geographic markets and create new and exciting profit centers.  To date, we have acquired and/or entered into collaborative agreements with SWK Technologies, Inc. (our principal operating subsidiary); Business Tech Solutions Group, Inc.; IncorTech; HighTower, Inc.; Point Solutions, LLC; Accounting Technology Resources; Wolen Katz Associates; AMP-BEST Consulting, Inc.; Micro-Point, Inc.; ESC Software; Productive Tech; Macabe Associates; Oates & Co.; Accupointe; Information Systems Management, Inc. (ISM); and Partners in Technology.


Our Unique Value Proposition


We have long understood that the key to enduring success lies in remaining focused on serving the best interests of our clients and their businesses and finding ways for them to accelerate their growth.  All too often, industry change comes from the outside in, forcing business owners and managers to react by slipping into crisis management mode and adopting costly business management solutions that simply put out fires.  What’s worse, far too many companies have to wrestle with business information that now comes in varieties and volumes never encountered before, creating complex bottlenecks in multiple mission-critical areas of their operations.  The result:  lost profits and lost opportunities.


SilverSun’s commitment to achieving market leadership is deeply rooted in our unique value proposition: we bring together what is arguably the best talent and industry expertise in the most advanced business management tools and processes; we can be counted on for unparalleled trust, innovation and accountability in our product and service offerings and implementations; and we can be looked to for providing practical and cost-effective IT solutions that address both the current and anticipated business management needs and challenges inherent in virtually any business environment, however unique or commonplace.